…regardless of industry, capacity, or geographic limitations.

Today’s consumers and employees are increasingly mobile, constantly connected, and reliant on wireless solutions to keep them going.  Regardless of industry, wireless connectivity has become mission critical in maintaining operations, complimenting employee productivity, and increasing customer loyalty.

“a PC of mind” provides managed wireless infrastructure solutions, security, and support across the hospitality, retails, restaurant, grocery, enterprise, healthcare, and education industries with wireless expertise to deliver secure, user-friendly, and innovative wireless solutions.


What exactly is managed wireless infrastructure?

Managed wireless infrastructure lets you take advantage of cloud technology.  Virtually giving you the power of a robust network infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

With our managed solutions you get:

  • seamless device transition.  Carry a phone call or video session and move from access point to access point with no delay or drops thanks to mobile device handoff technology
  • network load balancing.  The demands of a network are sporadic and can change in an instant, with our managed services you can load balance the network demand to certain access points on the fly
  • branded portal pages.** You will have the option of providing your users a portal landing page that is custom-tailored to your branding.  You even have the option of integration into online merchant service providers (i.e. PayPal)
  • real time alerts.  With our managed solutions, we are alerted any time there is an issue on your network.  We promptly address the situation and most times without any service interruption to our clients.  You have the power of a network team without the costs
  • secure traffic.  Layer 2 isolation coupled with network segmentation ensures noisy neighbors and snooping visitors can’t disrupt any other devices on the network nor can they communicate openly with any device, allowing you to provide a secure network for your users without the worry of liability
  • real time dashboard.  In a matter of seconds, you can view what is happening on your network in real-time See detailed information regarding every device including the amount of bandwidth consumed
  • industry compliance.  Ensure industry compliance with regulations to protect your business
  • 24×7 US based technical support**

** denotes a Premium support plan option

In short, you are given the convenience of a robust network infrastructure for a fraction of the cost.


How do I know what my network needs are?

Before we install, our team drafts a full proposal that includes network design, installation, hardware requirements, and post installation support.  We even provide detailed heat-maps along with AP mounting locations so you can visually see your wireless coverage.


Who handles the installation?

We do.  You have enough to worry about and our team knows the hardware inside and out and will assist with the installation of your wireless infrastructure, including equipment procurement, configuration, testing, and training.  We even assist with the qualification of broadband for your location should no internet connection exist.


What are the costs?

Unfortunately, the costs involved have many variables that need to be accounted for before an accurate estimate can be given.  If you would like to learn more, we invite you to review our brochure and contact us below!


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